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From: Monday, March 30, 2015 10:13 AM -0600
Subject:LeRoy School: Only Laundry Should Be Separated By Color!
LeRoy School: Only Laundry Should Be Separated By Color!
        On March 20th, all the students and faculty participated in a racial awareness activity. The slogan is “Only Laundry Should Be Separated by Color”, and all of the Leroy School students drew shirts and other clothing items with pictures and representations of their heritage! We then took part in a school wide flash mob and sent a video to the organization, it was a great activity for racial awareness and the students enjoyed it! Grades K-6 got the opportunity to watch a Persephone theatre performance and they absolutely loved it, it was very enjoyable and shared a good message to the students about getting along no matter your race, color, descent or national origin. We have decided to send our grades 6 to 12 students to Kevin Brooks (inspirational speaker/SADD speaker) who will be speaking in Lanigan at the end of March! The students are looking forward to this, and will be our activity for Pink Day for the LeRoy students.

Martina Moore
School Reporter- LeRoy School