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From: Monday, March 30, 2015 9:44 AM -0600
Subject:Magical Munsch School Tour

The stories of popular children's author, Robert Munsch, really came to life when the Wide Open Children's Theatre gave a puppet performance on March 23 at Lanigan Elementary School.  With a narrator and two puppeteers, six stories were presented to not only our K-6 students but the K-4 students from Drake School as well.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Angela's Airplane, 50 Below Zero, More Pies, Get Out of Bed, Moira's Birthday and Alligator Baby.  The audience was kept interested and actively engaged through the talents of the puppeteers with their expert puppet-handling, expression, sound effects and different character voices.  Simple but effective backdrops, lighting and various props added to the show.  The stars of the show were of course the puppets themselves...colourful, felt and foam creations made by the Theatre company.  The variety of characters and their antics provided wonderful entertainment and laughs throughout the hour long performance.  

- Debbie Fick