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From: Monday, March 30, 2015 9:01 AM -0600
Subject:Grade 1 Little Sprouts Project at LES

In March, we started a Little Sprouts project sponsored by Agriculture in the Classroom.  First we soaked our seeds overnight.  Our seeds are Crunchy Bean Mix, Speckled Peas, Sunflower Shoots, and Sandwich Booster.  Next we planted them in soil and covered with humidity domes for three days.  During those three days our seed germinated.  We took our domes off, placed them under a grow lamp, and watched the stems grow.  We journal, measure and compare the different types of seeds and their growth.  Our first harvest was of the Speckled Peas.  We ate them in a salad!  This project is fun and we are learning a lot about sprouts, living things and how to care for them.

- Mandy Penrose