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From: Monday, March 30, 2015 8:58 AM -0600
Subject:The Schell Scoop

Winter is finally over and Spring is here!!
We have had an “AWESOME” March month!

        On March 4th we were lucky to go on our high school ski trip. ~The weather was quite chilly but we stuck it out and still enjoyed our day! March 11th was Good Deed Day at Schell and we managed to be very polite and perform various good deeds for our fellow students and staff! Good job everyone, all the teachers are very proud of us! March 16th we had no school for students because our teachers were off to their last Collaboration Day! So many of us enjoyed the long weekend and lovely weather! March 25th was Lego Day ~at Schell and we participated in some team Easter activities. All teams showed great team spirit and worked together to get their Easter activities completed. Easter grams were on sale for $1 from March 23rd to March 26th, when we celebrate Easter colors day. On March 31st it is bunny ears day and on the 31st is the K-6 Bunny Hop dance!

        Everyone has a great March and is enjoying the lovely weather that we are getting!

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Ranita Luzny