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From: Thursday, March 26, 2015 11:56 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
        March at Imperial School was looking an awful lot like spring up until this week.
The month zoomed by as months tend to do and featured events such as the 7-12 Wake-O-Thon, Choral Speaking, Shamrock Shake Day, Twin Day, the Clover Day, and an upcoming science fair and survivor. For the amount of events we had, it was surprising that so far they have all been quite successful.

Firstly, we should start by congratulating the grade 5&6 class who were brought back to Watrous to perform The Cremation of Sam McGee. They received an 86 from the Watrous Music Festival - if I read the certificate correctly. Their first performance was on the 3rd of March and their callback occurred on the 6th. The Cremation of Sam McGee is practically a tradition for the Grade, having fond memories of doing it myself, I should hope that it is performed for years to come. .Also this month in the K-8 end of the school, the Science Fair will take place on Monday the 30th. Grades 4-6 will be participating in this scientific palooza so we can expect some interesting subjects!

In the 9-12 end of the school March meant Steal a Shamrock Day and of course, Wake-O-Thon. Steal a Shamrock day works like the Valentine’s Day Steal a Heart day; however the rolls are reversed, meaning that it is the boys who mustn't talk to the girls if they value their shamrock, a classic by all standards. The Wake-O-Thon was easily the main event in the high school end this month. Going from Friday the 20th to Saturday the 21st, the Wake-O-Thon was literally a 24 hour party. With the traditional floor hockey tournament to kick it off, followed by movies, rockband, xbox, board games, volleyball, and of course the legendary school wide hide and seek game. Wake-O-Thon came back this year after a few less successful attempts in previous years, which I don’t understand; movies, junk food, floor hockey, and hide and go seek are way too fun to miss out on. All in all, March for high schoolers rocked pretty hard in Imperial.

As far as School wide events go, the first ever Shamrock Shake Day happened on the 17th! I always thought that March wasn’t really complete until one had had an exclusive shamrock shake, which made Shamrock Shake Day all the more special for me. Students pre-ordered their shakes and then came to the home ec lab at noon where and SRC dressed for the occasion were preparing shakes like mad. Although the peppermint patties proved to be more than a match for the school blenders, they kept up long enough to produce the ordered shakes and more! Another SRC event in March was of course twin day, where like ward robed students coordinated their outfits to match for a day. Twin Day is an easy, but incredibly fun event that I look forward to every time (mostly because I get to show off my red pants). And to finish March off we will be having Survivor on the 26th, so I best be wearing green and prepare for a kick-butt awesome time. That’s all for this month, I’ll try to be more prompt on my report in April!
- Ben Lewis