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From: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 8:39 AM -0600
Subject:LCHS Renovations
As many students and staff have said on the Tell Them from Me survey, our school at the Lanigan Central High needs a few updates/renovations. Well the school is finally getting a few things done, they won't be too major but will require change in the school. Right now the gym is getting new lighting and will being getting a fresh splash of paint since right now it has many different shades of blue. After the gym, the front area of our school will be looked at next.

The secretary's office and the room where there is a photocopier and teacher storage will be removed to create a big open space for tables, sort of like a cafeteria, where the students can then have an eating area rather than having to eat on the floor. This will also better accommodate the teachers in which they will only have to supervise one eating area in the school rather than two long hallways. Ms. Appel the principal says, "I can see students being able to mingle and eat, and also students sitting there doing their homework during spares."

The new secretary office and principal office will move to where the staff room is now. The staff room will move to the art room. The art room will move to the student lounge. Some students are a little disappointed to see the lounge go because of the hard work 3 students put into to renovate the space for the students at LCHS.  Ms. Appel says that, "Once they have their new space, I think they will like it very much. Change is difficult for some people."

This big renovation will start at the end of June and will hopefully be done by the time the students return to school in the fall. For who will do the renovation is still up in the air but the lucky contractor will soon
be awarded the work.