Lance Hiltz
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From: Friday, March 20, 2015 10:01 AM -0600
Subject:S.A.D.D Vision Goggles Activity

        On Mar. 9th, the VCS S.A.D.D group held activities in the gym at noon for any high school students to attend. There were three separate activities set up and each one was to be completed while wearing a pair of vision goggles. These goggles make a person’s vision very blurry. They are designed to give a person an idea of what it’s like to be intoxicated. There are three different strengths for the three pairs of goggles that S.A.D.D ordered. One of the activities set up was the basketball shoot. The second was reading a book, and the third was a picking up objects course. Each student needed to complete each task while wearing the vision goggles. Lots of students struggled with the activities due to the different strengths. S.A.D.D wanted to get the point across that it would be just as difficult to drive a vehicle intoxicated. Prizes were given out to everyone who participated. S.A.D.D would like to thank everyone who participated in the activities. We hope you have learnt something to take in for the future.

- Brooklyn Tetzlaff