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From: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:01 AM -0600
Subject:Three Lakes School News

Well Hello Spring! Sort of anyway! The weather lately has been averaging around -5 which feels so warm after the cold temperatures we’ve had for so long. Everyone gets excited and feels a little more energetic once the ground starts thawing! Starting off our third month of 2015 has been inspirational. Earlier in February we were discussing ideas on how we could contribute to Telemiracle and donate. After many ideas and planning we had a school lock-in on Friday, March 6th! Students who participated arrived at the school at 7pm after school on Friday and turned the gym into an evening hangout place and set up campouts. Students had to pay a minimum of $10.00 to be bailed out the next morning. We were very excited to donate $723.30 for Telemiracle!  
- Morgan Heidecker, School Reporter