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From: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 12:13 PM -0600
Subject:Winter Walk to School at RVS

As part of an initiative at Rose Valley School the school has joined with In Motion Saskatchewan to promote healthier lifestyle choices by having students and staff walk (bicycle) to school.  With the valued partnership of the SCC,  the Town of Rose Valley, and the Horizon School Division the group will collaborate to find ways to promote walking (or biking) to school as a healthier lifestyle choice.  The group will look for impediments and safety issues on routes to school that might discourage or prevent students and staff from making this choice.  They will work together to eliminate these barriers.  They will also search for ways to motivate students to make this choice.

Today, March 11,  students and staff were encouraged to find ways to walk to school.  Town students formed groups to walk together from common meeting places.  Bus students were unloaded at the local town library where teachers met them and walked with them to school.  On arrival at the school those who walked were greeted by secretary Mrs. Knudson and given a pair of decorative gloves, the subject of our photo, which is of those from the grade 3 and 4 class, all of whom walked.