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From: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 8:11 AM -0600
Subject:Rose Valley School News
Rose Valley School held its anti-bullying “Day of Pink” on Monday, March 9.  Students were encouraged to wear pink.  Many wore pink t-shirts purchased through the Red Cross.  Some dug out their t-shirts from our last Day of Pink.  The SRC made wearing pink a spirit day as well.
There was a hot lunch of pizza and then after the lunch special guest, offensive lineman (sometimes star receiver) Dan Clark of the Saskatchewan Roughriders visited the school for the remainder of the afternoon.  Mr. Clark delivered messages to both the elementary students and to the senior students on the importance of being proactive toward bullying.  He brought a personal message and shared ideas.  He ended the sessions with a question and answer session which also included questions about football.  Each session culminated with Mr. Clark autographing Rider gear and having his picture taken with students, visitors, and staff when requested.