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From: Friday, March 6, 2015 9:59 AM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
February Report 1
Hey there, and welcome to February.  February has been an exciting month full of adventures.
During the week before Valentines Day, the SRC planned many fun Valentine’s Day themed activities to help the students and staff at WES get into the Valentine’s spirit. One particular day was wear Valentine’s Colors Day.  It was an explosion of pink and red at Wynyard Elementary.  
We also had a find a heart day.  One heart was hidden each morning and another heart was hidden in the afternoon.  Hearts were hidden in each classroom in the school.  If you happened to be lucky enough to find a heart you needed to take it down to the office to reserve a Valentine’s Day treat.  Also, all students that won hearts had their names entered into a draw to win an even bigger prize!
On February 12th the Wynyard Co-Op invited classes to come to decorate Valentine’s Day cupcakes.  Students were able to pick out their favorite cupcake flavor and icing color and then add finishing delicious touches.  Thank you to the Wynyard Co-Op for this opportunity.
All of our school activities have been a blast and all of the children have enjoyed them.  One of our favorite activities that Grade 4-6 look forward to each year is the curling bonspiel.  Mrs. Reeve and Mr. Fisher always make it ten times more fun and a great memory that we will be able to look back to and remember for the rest of our lives.  Congratulations to Team Gudmundson for winning the A side,  to Team Madarash for winning the A runner up side, Team Skjerven for winning the B side and Team Morrison for winning the B runner up side.
Faith Prime
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School
February Report #2
Hello!  I hope you had a good first half of February.
Winter break is always a time that we look forward to.  It is a time to spend with family doing fun outdoor activities.  The break always goes by too quickly.   The winter break gives some people a chance to get away to different places.  Whether you went away or stayed close to home, we hope that you had a chance to rest and recharge from the cold and hard work.   
Students returned to their classrooms for some hard learning and getting prepared for tests as the end of term 2 is coming up quickly.  I have learned that it is extremely important to make study notes and to listen to music while I am studying and to try to block out as many distractions as possible.  This helps me to concentrate and to get better grades.  My goal is to get a higher grade average.  My message to all of the students is to work hard and to never give up on your goal.
Right now, all students in grades 1-6 are looking forward to the ski trip to Wapiti.  This is an exciting time to get a break from school and to spend the day doing a fun winter sport with all of your friends and maybe some of your family.  
The prekindergarten and kindergarten classes will be going to the movie theatre in Foam Lake.
         Many children signed up for floor hockey from grades 3-6.  Teams have been playing at lunch with a teacher supervisor.  We will getting into the finals at the end of the month.  Good luck everyone.
        I hope you all had a good month of February and I will talk to you in the month of March.

Faith Prime
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School