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From: Monday, March 2, 2015 8:43 AM -0600
Subject:LCHS Curling

Hurrrrry!  Sweeeep!  Just a little bit further!!!!

The curlers from grades 7-12, were visited by a special guest, Olympic silver medalist Cori (Bartel) Morris, on Monday, January 26th. Cori gave the curlers tips on sliding, delivery, sweeping, and strategy. There was even time to have photos with her and her medal. "The learning experience was amazing for all the curlers and her knowledge and expertise were undoubtedly part of the reason LCHS and LES curlers have been fairing so well during their competition season," says senior coach Shannon Chernishenko.

Both Junior Boys and Girls curling teams won the A-side of their Pre-District competition in Imperial on January 22nd to advance to the Districts in Strasbourg on January 30th, where the Junior Girls captured the silver medal. The Senior Boys and Girls competed in Pre-Districts on February 3rd in Humboldt, where both teams played well and the Senior Boys won the B-side of the event to advance to Districts on February 6th in Wadena.    

At Districts the Senior Boys played well against some challenging teams and finished in 3rd place overall!

Congratulations to all the teams on their successes!

The curling teams are as follows:

Senior Boys: Hayden Kardash, Damon Holmlund, Arik Holmlund, Bryce Kline and Kyle Theissen

Senior Girls: Brittany Craven, Lexi Neufeld, Courtney Fisher, Amy Kline and Brooke Dudley

Both senior teams coached by Shannon Chernishenko.

Junior Boys: Max Fedak, Ryder Klapak, Scott Hassman, and Carson Paproski

Junior Girls: Amy Fedak, Chelsea Craven, Bree Fisher, Madison Newberry

Both junior teams coached by Lindsey Crittenden and Mark Fedak

Brandi Senko-Loose