Lance Hiltz
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From: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 12:53 PM -0600
Subject:Rose Valley School Celebrates 50th Birthday of Canadian Flag

It was a bit late because the birthday of our flag actually occurred during the February break but it was still a great party. On Wednesday, February 25, students gathered in the school gymnasium at Rose Valley School to honour the Canadian Flag on its fiftieth birthday. There was an historical video and a video that featured young and old students telling everyone why they loved Canada. Everyone received a small flag, flag stickers, and flag bookmarks with the words to O Canada. At the end of the event in the gymnasium everyone stood, held their flag up proudly and sang O Canada. This was followed by a hot lunch and of course, birthday cake. The students wore red and white clothing, the youngest grades decorated the hallway with red and white chains, each with 50 links, and some students made posters to remind everyone why Canada is such a special place. The fiftieth birthday celebration will be remembered for some time.