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From: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 10:41 AM -0600
Subject:Tele-ing the Miracle to Winston

On February 11th Winston held its annual Telemiracle supper to raise money for the Telemiracle foundation. Winston is always finding new ways to raise money for people either in the community, in Saskatchewan or even across the Globe. It’s no surprise that this year’s supper was just as great of a success as last year’s!
Of course what is the Telemiracle supper without Ham and Scalloped Potatoes? Well obviously it would be nothing, given that it is known as the Ham and Scalloped potato supper. Every Winston student donated one food item for the supper, whether it be a delicious dessert like chocolate cake or something that tasted a lot like tiramisu. Of course the ham, the potatoes, cans of corn galore and enough salads to scare a vegetarian. The music was on fire with the school’s garage band, senior and junior. They played everything from 80’s rock ballads to modern day pop songs. The turnout was great, friendly faces from all over Watrous stopped by to support the school in their fundraising.
In the end the school raised 1736 dollars for the foundation. Telemiracle airs March 7th and 8th, make sure to catch it! Thanks to everyone who came out and donated, and of course to the SRC and staff that helped out, it was a great dinner and will be next year!

Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School