Lance Hiltz
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From: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 9:14 AM -0600
Subject:Cudworth School News

On February 2nd the Cudworth Senior girls curling team took part in pre districts at Quill Lake, they did not advance but gained experience. Elementary curling is also in full swing.  The Junior and Senior Boys basketball teams are continuing in league and are improving with every game they participate in.

        This month just flew by! The students started fundraising for Tele-miracle before the February break and they will continue to fundraise for the next couple of weeks. They will be selling popcorn, helping hands and doing the pass the pie activity they did last year. The huskies of the month for February were Wyatt Baumann (elementary), Taylor Medernach (Middle Years), and Jordon Loeffelholz (High School). Congratulations to the students on their hard work on exams and report cards, good luck in the new semester everyone! :)