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From: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 8:49 AM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
        February has certainly been a busy, and very fun month here in Imperial School. The Lamontagne Chocolate Campaign drew to a close, Jump Rope for Heart started and finished, the annual High School Curling Bonspiel took place on the 5th.  Junior and Senior Basketball took off this month as well, with the month nearly over, February is on its way to a classy transition into March.

        As far as fundraisers go, I would have to say that the Lamontagne campaign was certainly the tastiest of any that I’ve taken part in. Being that my sister and I made short work of the delicious box of chocolates, I would recommend this fundraiser for an encore in 2016. Another fundraiser that took place this month was the Jump Rope for Heart event. On February 10th the entire school enjoyed an afternoon of awesome activities. Designing a decorative heart for your team, learning awesome skipping moves, hula-hoops, parachutes, and Heart art were all included in this excellent event. The Jump Rope for Heart event managed to raise $1659.50 towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation! As well as entertain an entire school.

        Another Imperial School event that took place this February was the High School Curling Bonspiel! This event is always a good time because of the wacky team names/costume themes. The prize for best costume this year went to “The Legion of Broom”, the team that dressed as curling super-villains. Prizes ranging from Doritos and Dino-sours to toilet plungers motivated teams to bring their curling skills to triumph in next year’s Bonspiel.