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From: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:36 AM -0600
Subject:Introducing OTTER!

We’ve had a busy month of lots of laughing and fun at Schell. Our teachers have introduced us students to a new program called OTTER (Our Time To Enjoy Reading). Every Wednesday we all gather in the gym and read independently for 30 minutes. ~If we have continuously read all week in our classes then we get entered into a draw to win some amazing prizes. We hope to keep up our great reading because at the end of the year we can be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE!
~~~~~~~~~~~ February is known for the month of love and our school just ‘LOVES’ it! We participated in a Formal Day on the 5th and everyone looked so handsome and beautiful. The 9th was Valentine Colors Day and I have never seen so much red, pink and purple in my life! Good job everyone on earning those points for your team. The 11th was Lunch Dates and there were some pretty cute looking dates in our school. ~I hope everyone had a good time. The 13th is Grade 7-12 Steal Your Heart Day. ~I wish all the girls good luck as there is only 10 of us and many, many boys to steal our hearts.
~~~~~~~~~~~ The 16th is Family Day in Saskatchewan so no school for us and also from the 17th to the 20th is our Winter Break. Everyone have fun on their days off and have a safe trip if you are planning on going anywhere!

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