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From: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:34 AM -0600
Subject:The Bachelor King Hits Winston’s Stage

        February is always a fun filled month. Although most students find the fun in the annual February Break, there is also quite a lot of fun happening at the school. On February 4th and 5th the Winston Drama club performed the play The Bachelor King.
        The play was indeed entertaining, with a lot of tomfoolery and quick witted humor. The actors put on a great show, directed by Mr. Bells, Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Westby. A kingdom is in a crisis when their King suddenly dies and a poor fooled country boy gets left with the high position. The new King has a lot on his plate while being manipulated by his scheming advisor, having an unintelligent jealous prince try to assassinate him, and having to pick a bride out of five rather interesting ladies. The cast pulled off an excellent and humorous performance. A lot of work went into the production, and all that work paid off. Nothing but good reviews!
        Thanks to the Drama crew and cast the show was hit! Everyone did such a great job, already looking forward to next year!
        Sarah Davidson
        School Reporter
        Winston High School