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From: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:31 AM -0600
Subject:February in LeRoy!

        The LeRoy SRC started off with a busy month in February! Curling was the sport of the month, Sr Girls sent a team to pre-districts in Humboldt on February 3rd which they ended up taking home the gold, and the school was beyond proud! The team consisted of Cassidy Oesch, Martina Moore, Jaiden Muller and Taylor Block. The girls competed in districts in Wadena on February 6th and 7th where they didn’t quite qualify for regionals. LeRoy planned a hot lunch and spirit week for the students, the hot lunch was taco salad and some spirit days consisted of PJ Day, red/white/pink day and heart day. There is much more to come in February in LeRoy so stay tuned for more after the break! Enjoy

Martina Moore
School Reporter- LeRoy School