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From: Friday, February 13, 2015 2:25 PM -0600
Subject:Technology Review Student Forums

Student representatives from high schools across Horizon came together on February 11 to provide a student voice to the technology review currently under way. Daryl Koroluk from the Shift@Scale team conducted the sessions which were held at Lanigan Central High School in the morning and then again at the Wynyard Composite High School in the afternoon.
Approximately 50 students contributed their view of the use of technology in and out of school. Gaining insight into the use of technology expectations of students is a very important piece of the technology review process. The students as representatives of their respective schools brought with them a wealth of knowledge and insight into the use of technology form a student point of view.

Thank you to all the schools and students who participated in these very valuable sessions. Information gathered during the forums will be included in the impending technology review report.