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From: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 10:11 AM -0600
Subject:Family Literacy Day Rose Valley School
Betty Rudachyk is pictured reading the story “Jeramiah Learns to Read” to a group of adults and students who had gathered in the Commons area of Rose Valley School on Monday evening, January 26, 2015, to continue the school’s early celebration of Family Literacy Day. The group had gathered to participate in Book Bingo. Ms. Rudachyk is the Health and Wellness Coordinator for The Kelsey-Tisdale Health Region and organizes a large number of wellness activities for the school. Book Bingo was just one of these. Ms. Rudachyk had gathered a large collection of books for all ages from pre-school to late adulthood from friends, community members, and staff and using the format of a family bingo, the winners were awarded prizes of choosing books of interest to them. As a part of winning they also had to take two others from the group with them to also select a book. As they played bingo the group shared beverages and “munchies” that they had brought to the event. Ms. Rudachyk was assisted by her able “bingo-caller”, Lawrence Schmidt.

At the conclusion Ms Rudachyk read her book, made a draw for the book “A Present for Mommy” by local author Ruth Chorney who had read to students at Rose Valley School earlier in the day, and then had everyone go up and select a book to take home so that everyone went home with at least one book. To quote one participant…”It was his most awesome day ever!”