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From: Monday, January 26, 2015 9:27 AM -0600
Subject:Viscount School Report
        January in Imperial School was met with some surprisingly warm weather, and surprisingly sprite students! The break must have been fun because the students of Imperial School were just too excited to get back to school! January has hosted a few fun events school wide, and some grade specific activities as well, all in all, it honestly has been a nice month of cool down after the break and before finals.

        This January the K-4’s traveled to downtown Imperial to learn about the leafcutter bees at the local hive on Main Street. If the trip is anything l like I remember it would have been a great time with a fun host. I also remember the bee’s being almost as scary as they were interesting, but never more. I’m sure that the trip was well enjoyed, and like me, they will probably remember it for a long time.

With January came curling, Junior and Senior teams are both ready for their regular season, but probably just as excited for the prizes that come with the curling bonspiel this month. Curling becomes a big deal in Imperial, especially with Imperial School hosting Junior Districts for curling on the 22nd. Earlier this month many members of the curling team (Junior and Senior) traveled to Davidson where we attended a clinic hosted by a variety of skilled curlers. If the Junior team learned half as much at the curling clinic as the Seniors, then I’m sure that they will impress.

        Another School sport that I would like to draw attention to is Imperial’s Senior and Junior basketball teams. I was thrilled to learn that there would be another Senior team this year but even more thrilled by the size of our Junior team. The Senior team, Coached by Mr. Jackson, has had 4 games thus far in the season, and we are all looking forward to the tournaments that Coach Jackson has arranged for us. Our Junior team, Coached by Mr.Jackson with assistance from Mrs.Hugg, is also an eager bunch of ballers! Having score-kept a few of their games, I find it fun to watch the students learn about the game, and begin to grow their skills as well as their love for the game.

        Physics Fair took place for the grade 11/12’s on the 21st of this month. This is the event where Ms.Cantelon has the students of her Physics class choose a topic related to the physics that we have explored in the 20 level of her class. With fun displays such as the glass cup xylophone or the make your own paper fighter jet, students of all ages were able to appreciate physics, even if they didn’t learn how Liquid volume in a glass effects its pitch or how Radar works. Physics Fair is always an excellent way to spark interest in the physics filled world around us.

        As far as school wide events go, the SRC’s Western Day turned out to be quite the hoedown. Students were encouraged to dress in their best Cowboy/Western garb and participated in a Western themed relay for survivor at noon! Riding atop a trusty hobby horse, participants raced through the narrow foam mat gully, over the great white bench, and finally to the ring toss range where they threw their hula-hoops at a pylon in hopes of lassoing their way to the final gallop back to the starting line to send off the next rider. Shortly after the Survivor event, a brief presentation on Jump-Rope for heart commenced, and the students seemed more than excited to raise money and possibly win one of the pop up water bottles as their prize. Imperial School has also started its final fundraiser of the 14/15 year, the Lamontagne chocolate Campaign began on the 21st, and will draw to a close on February 9th.

        The New Year at Imperial School is off to an excellent start, we hope to ride the wave of good times all the way through to February, and maybe even the rest of the 14/15 school year.

Ben Lewis
School Reporter