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From: Monday, January 26, 2015 9:24 AM -0600
Subject:Cudworth School January News
January Sports
        This January both the senior and junior boys basketball teams have been practicing very hard and it's showing in their games. They have each played a couple of games and have been learning new techniques and are improving their skills. The grade 8-12 girls have been practicing basketball and continue to learn new things and plan to have some games later on during the year. Senior curling groups also have games coming up and we wish them the best of luck in their games.
Back from the break
        After a wonderful Christmas Break we are back at school and into the groove.  The high school students will be writing finals from January 26 to the 29th and have Friday, January 30th off.  The “Huskie of the month” for December were; Nicole Hackl (Elementary), Kayden Malmgren (Middle Years) and Noah Schwark (High School).  Congratulations students on all your hard work! We would also like to congratulate the elementary students for their successful poinsettia fundraiser - they sold 88 poinsettias in total! We wish everyone the best in the New Year of 2015.