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From: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:09 AM -0600
Subject:Decorating Doors
        On Dec. 3rd Mr. Heritage asked students to participate in decorating classroom doors in some kind of Christmas theme for the Holidays. All students happily took in this event.  Everyone had so many amazing ideas and put a lot of hard work into their decorating! There was a ginger bread house themed door that was made by the SADD Chapter,  a “Santa Serke” themed door that was made by the 11/12 class. The 7/8 class decorated their door as an advent calendar. Mrs. Wall put up reindeer on her library door.  Every door was decorated in one way or another. Because Mr. Heritage was so impressed with the excellent effort, he decided to give a prize for the best decorated door. He got some help from a few other staff members and they went out on a secret mission to select their favorite door in our school. After much consideration, they finally found a winner. The Grade 1 class won! Their door was decorated with their very own footprints that made their door look like a snow storm. It read “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” across the top.  As a prize each student received a bag of popcorn in the afternoon.  VCS would like to thank Maddi Wagner for taking time out of her day to make the popcorn for the winners.  We’d also like to thank Mr. Heritage and his secret panel of judges for choosing the winning door, and to everyone who participated! This was a great event to get everyone in the Holiday Spirit. Congratulations to Mrs. Serke and the Grade 1’s!

Brookelynn-VCS Reporter