Ken Sogge
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From: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:08 AM -0600
Subject:VCS Christmas
On December 17th at 7:00 pm the elementary students of  VCS put on their annual Christmas concert. The emcees of the evening were Mason Dieno and Finn Lemke. The Kindergartens started the night off with a wonderful poem called “My Snowman Poem.” The grade one’s also presented a cute poem called “Little Elf.” Once they were finished the kindergartens joined them and together they all presented “We Wish You An Active Christmas,” and active they were! Next, the grade two and three class performed a play called “Christmas Idol” that was originally written by the grade three/four class with Mrs. Kirzinger in 2008. Once again, the kids did an awesome job! Again Kindergartens and grade ones took the stage to present us with “A Christmas Story.” The Senior Bell Choir was up next who performed a lovely rendition of “Silent Night.” Under the direction of Mr. Hanson, the grades four and five class did an excellent job in performing a play called “Duck the Halls,”  which was based on the characters from Duck Dynasty. The concert ended with the entire elementary students gathering back on stage to sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” accompanied by Mr. Heritage on the piano. VCS would like to congratulate the elementary students on the amazing job they did. It takes great courage to get up on stage and perform in front of a large crowd and they all worked so hard! Thank you to the teachers, staff and parents who helped with direction, costumes and helping learn lines and also to the Great Grandmas for coming out to meet with their reading partners. It was a great evening filled with Christmas excitement.  Happy Holidays to all!

Brookelynn Tetzlaff