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From: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:06 AM -0600
Subject:Winston Spreading Christmas Cheer
        The holidays are almost everyone’s favorite time of the year. I mean who doesn’t love the hope of an old eternal fat guy bringing you presents? And of course the endless amount of food, it’s a perfect excuse to take a break from that good habit eating. Winston is one for traditions, and this year was just as memorable as all the rest.
        The Twelve Days of Christmas hit Winston as did the surprisingly mild December. The first week of December was when all the holiday madness began! There was fuzzy socks day, Tinsel Tuesday, Christmas Character day, Christmas Morning, Winter Wonderland and many more! Of course those eleven days are only the days that get the school rallied up for the final and most enthralling day of the twelve days. Formal Day. Yes, I said it! The school dressed up to the nines, dresses and ties, shiny shoes and shoes taller than the Eifel Tower. Santa dropped by for some pictures and an amazing Turkey dinner was served to the school and staff body at Winston. But wait! I’m missing something, of course, the Hypnotist. The shining moment and a great way to end the year and kick off the Holidays. Cory provided an entertaining performance for the staff and students, it was definitely a good way to rap it all up!
        Now of course the holidays are done and it’s already the New Year! Winston is back on track and the year of 2015 is here. A round of applause for the SRC and staff that helped make those Twelve days possible and of course to the students who participated!
        Sarah Davidson
        School Reporter
        Winston High School