Ken Sogge
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From: Friday, December 19, 2014 12:07 PM -0600
Subject:Scoring Big for the Season!
        The holidays are almost among us. Are alarm clocks are becoming are least favorite inanimate objects and school is starting to drag. It must be December! Luckily soon we will be enjoying presents and lazy days of sleeping in. But the week isn’t quite over and it definitely isn’t over for this year’s basketball teams. The junior and senior boys are ready to take the year by storm.
        They’re been practicing every chance they can, the junior boys grades eight and nine, coached by Landon Bells and Mr. Braman, and the senior boys, grades ten to twelve, coached by Mr. Thomas are ready for their first games and upcoming tournaments. The senior boys will play league games against teams like, Humboldt, Imperial and Vistcount. Their first game against Humboldt on December 16th was a success, with a win of 70- 50 for Winston! There will be exhibition games against Davidson, Wynard and Kenaston. There will be tournaments in towns like Bigger, Middle Lake and Foam Lake. Then of course the Watrous tourney on February 6-7. They’re ready to take the season, as are the senior boys. Junior boys will be playing league against teams like Lannigan, Imperial and Wynard. Their home game will be on January 8th.
        Even though it might be the time of laziness and a necessary break up with the alarm clocks for us the basketball teams are ready to make their way through the season! Good luck in all the games boys! Don’t forget to come out and cheer on your Wildcats!