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From: Thursday, December 11, 2014 10:24 AM -0600
Subject:Archerwill Christmas Caroling Night
Sleigh bells rang and children sang as two packed, horse-drawn sleighs rode through the community of Archerwill, singing Christmas carols and wishing their neighbors and friends, who came to their doors and porches, ~a very enthusiastic “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”.

ON the evening of Dec 8th, 13 families ( and 36 individuals) from the Archerwill school came out to support and participate in the Community Christmas Carolling evening organized by the Archerwill School’s Student Wellness Committee and their adult leader, Betty Rudachyk, KTHR Community Wellness Coordinator.~This wellness initiative was designed by the students, to create an opportunity for the community, as a whole, to come together, to share the magical spirit of Christmas and to create lasting memories in the minds and hearts of the people ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’. It was a beautiful, magical evening, as the 36 carollers shared sleigh space…..the air was cold-crisp…..the sky , clear and bright with stars, the horses hooves on the crunchy snow, along with their snorts and steamy breaths was priceless!!

The horses seemed to love the energy and voices of our enthusiastic crew as we drove through this picturesque village, spreading Christmas cheer!!~ Then, everyone enjoyed warming up with steamy cups of hot chocolate and nurturing snacks, back at the school!!~ Clearly, many beautiful memories were made this evening!!!

Once again, HUGE thanks to Rick Hamel and his staff, who support these opportunities for their students and families and an even HUGER thanks to our Horse owners/drivers, Mr. Clayton Hanson and Mr. Donald Sunderland, who do all the work and make these experiences a memorable keepsake!!!