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From: Thursday, December 11, 2014 9:16 AM -0600
Want to hear the story of how the Lazer's made it to provincials?  Well if you said yes then, sit down and start reading!

The Lanigan Lazer Senior Girls volleyball team had a very successful season placing first or second at all seven tournaments they attended throughout the province. It all started on November 6.  The team headed to Wynyard to begin their playoffs in the conference. The girls defeated Wynyard in the final and were now off to regionals in Carrot River.

In the regional final Wynyard and Lanigan faced one another once again, Lanigan Lazers came out on top becoming the REGIONAL CHAMPIONS! Wynyard and Lanigan were off to provincials that were being hosted by Preeceville and Sturgis.

At provincials, the Lanigan Lazers were placed in a pool with Foam Lake, Rossignal, Rosthern Junior College (RJC) and Wakaw. The Lazers defeated Foam Lake, Rossignal and RJC during a round robin play, leaving their rivals Wakaw for the last round robin game. During the last round robin game the girls had a hard fought battle from as the matches took three sets to decide, and each set only winning by one or two points. In the quarter final the team faced Chief Nepaw and defeated them fairly easily which set the Lanigan Lazers for the semi final against Davidson. Davidson fought hard against the Lanigan Lazers, taking the matches to the third set. The Lazers mounted a comeback in the third set and earned their way into the gold medal match.

The gold medal match was a rematch from the start as the team was to face Wakaw once again. The Lazers had a confident  start taking first set of the match, but in set two Wakaw was not willing to give up and the Lanigan Lazers were defeated taking the game to the third and final set. The Lanigan Lazer Senior Girls volleyball team had a slow and nervous start going down to 13-6 at the start of the match. The girls dug deep with some clutch serving and smart hitting, they mounted a comeback and took the GOLD MEDAL 25-19!

These amazing Senior girls are Kennedy Morrow, Shaya Suchy, Hayley German, Kirstin Greve, Courtney Falk, Kaitlin Fraess, Emily Morrow, Elisa Holmlund, Kelsey Neufeld and Taylor Herr. The coaches that trained this awesome team are Maryssa Wilde and Wendi Collins.