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From: Thursday, December 11, 2014 9:07 AM -0600
Subject:A Little Christmas at Schell School
I'm sorry to report to those who don't like snow or cold, that it is now December. Although the temperature is cold and the snow has started to come, things are not so bad because December is full of fun activities at Schell School! We have a fun night out for families, an excuse for wives to not cook dinner, and dress up days for kids to show off their styles!
December has a lot of activities and it all starts on the 10th! Schell is kicking December off with a Christmas colors day, so get out your red and green clothes and show your Christmas spirit on the 10th! Also on the 10th is the Christmas buffet for grades k-12. The buffet includes: buns, meat, cheese, pickles, veggies & dip, fruit, yogurt, Christmas baking and punch! The cost for K-3 students is $3 and 4-12 students & adults is $5. The 12th is the Kindergarten- Grade 6 annual Christmas concert, it's called "A Pirate Christmas!" It will be held in the gym, starting at 6:45! Everyone is welcome to attend as they always put on a great show! ~The 18th is Lego day once again at SChell so don't forget to dress in your group’s color or a Lego shirt and wait to see what fun activities Mrs. Fahlman has planned now!
December 15th is also a big day for us at Schell! It is our annual Turkey Dinner! It will be starting at 11:30 am and run until 1:00pm. Tickets will be sold starting December 1st at the front desk, James Grocery, Dano's Family Diner, Dilke Co-op Grocery, Conexus Credit Union in Holdfast, Number 11 Convenience and the Conexus Credit Union in Chamberlain. If you are unable to attend and would still like a plate, please call ahead to the school. Please leave your name with Mrs. Dennis. Meals will go out at approximately 11:30 am. Hope to see everyone there as anyone is welcomed to attend! Tickets prices are:

Preschool - Grade 3  $3
Grade 4 - Grade 8  $6
Seniors.  $8
Grade 9 - Adults  $10.

This will be a busy and “AWESOME” holiday season for us at Schell & we wish you an “AWESOME” holiday season as well!

Merry Christmas!
Ranita Luzny
School Reporter