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From: Monday, December 8, 2014 4:47 PM -0600
Subject:Fruit, Cookies and Gym Blasts!
        Winston is a school full of energy enthusiasm towards their students and their community. It is a school that when its mind is put to something, it is always achieved. This year Winston was able to achieve their goal of hosting their annual hypnotist show and upcoming gym blast!
        Magazine sales are the regular and annual campaign for Winston to raise money for the school. The money goes towards special activities like Tim Bit ten minute, and Early Dismissal. This year the magazine campaign was not available to the school to do as a whole fundraiser. Luckily there was a solution! A cookie dough fruit campaign was in order! The students went around the community, selling boxes of cookie dough, fruit, sparkling juices and even things like dried apple crisps! The SRC organized each individual’s sales to come up with the total of over 700 sales! Since the magazine was ongoing at the time, only on a smaller scale, the two total amounts ended up in the school reaching their goal! That means that the school will be able to host their annual Christmas dinner with hypnotist and gym blast, which hasn’t been held at Winston for quite some time!
        Such a great achievement for the school this year! We can only expect exciting events to follow this great accomplishment!
        Sarah Davidson
        Winston High School
        School Reporter