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From: Friday, November 28, 2014 2:34 PM -0600
Subject:"Go Dustin Tokarski Go"
On Thursday November 27 Watson School had the privilege of hosting a film crew from Quebec who were producing a story on local hockey hero, Dustin Tokarski. The film crew was in Watson for the day conducting interview with residents and coaches who played a part in his success. As such the crew felt the school that Dustin once attended was a natural fit for the feature.

Excited students and staff came to school dressed in their Montreal Canadiens gear and the school was decorated for the special occasion. At a brief assembly in the gym Principal Jacquie Bergerman welcomed the guests and the entire student body gave a big “Go Dustin Go” for the audience.

The film crew then captured various views of the school and plaques and awards that are on display recognizing Dustin’s athletic and academic accomplishments achieved while attending Watson School before moving on to film in other locations in Watson.

The footage captured in Watson for 24CH is expected to be aired on TSN and RDS sometime in late January or February and then again on the NHL network sometime in the summer of 2015.