Ken Sogge
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From: Thursday, November 27, 2014 1:40 PM -0600
Subject:Dressings all Around!
        Winston is known for its enthusiastic spirit weeks and school functions. The school is always filled with energy and excitement, maybe not so much when finals come around! On November 17th to the 21st Winston held their first Salad Dressing Week.
        They kicked it off with a good old classic Blue Cheese day. Students were asked to wear the color blue to show their dressing pride. Tuesday was Ranch Day, there were cowgirls and cowboys all over the school just ready to rope some cows and herd sheep and all the other fun country stuff! The day ended with a country dance that was one of the school’s most successful turn outs. Wednesday was Thousand Island day and everyone brought out the summer and vacation clothes despite the Mother Nature’s chill. Thursday was Catalina day, an easy dress up- red. Then Friday they finished it off with Greek day which meant Togas, gold circlets and gladiator sandals! Aristotle and Perseus were in the house!
        As always Winston’s spirit week was a great success. Everyone had fun dressing up and dancing the night away too. A huge thanks to the SRC for organizing the week and the dance!