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From: Thursday, November 27, 2014 1:38 PM -0600
Subject:Bruno School News
Junior Girls Volleyball Tournament
On Saturday October 25, the Bruno School Junior Girl’s Volleyball team hosted a joint tournament with the help of HCI. The Senior Girl’s Volleyball team and the Grade 12 students also made this day successful. There were eight different schools attending the tournament, which were split into two different pools.  Luckily Bruno placed 2nd in their pool but unfortunately their ranking went down once they made it to the finals. On the other hand the Gr. 12’s ran a successful canteen raising $300 for their graduation. This money will be put towards making their graduation more memorable!

We Day
This year Bruno School got the opportunity to attend We Day for the second time. 23 students were able to go, getting the chance to hear many encouraging life stories, speeches about ending poverty, and even getting the chance to see performers including: Karl Wolf, Shawn Desman, SonReal, members of the Degrassi cast, and many more. In order to go to We Day your school had to complete one global and one local action relating to any social justice issue. A group of students participated in We Scare Hunger on October 20th, which was a charity event in which you walk around and collect perishable food items for your local food bank. We collecting numerous boxes of non-perishable food that we donated to the Humboldt Food Bank. Everyone had a blast doing so, and we even had a more memorable time at We Day!