Ken Sogge
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From: Thursday, November 27, 2014 1:34 PM -0600
Subject:LCHS Soccer
"Pass the ball over here," yells someone in the distance!  The ball comes flying across the field towards them. They’re running to score a winning goal, will they make it? I can see it in the distance the ball is in the net, they've scored!

Coach Nathan Baldwin said, "This year, the soccer team seemed to have much interest. Registering with SHSAA late may have hindered them from the regular season schedule to play games. They practiced two times a week and got better as a team. Scrimmages against each other allowed the team to work on supporting their team mates.  The team showed areas of needed improvement and helped define the rules of the game. From the lack of games this year, they were able to practice more as a team without the worry of defeat. Next year looks to be a promising season for the team. Next season they will be ready for a winning season!"

So watch out for the Lazers next year because we will be on fire!

Brandi Senko-Loose
School Reporter