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From: Thursday, November 27, 2014 1:32 PM -0600
Subject:Cudworth School November News
November Sports
The Cudworth senior boys volleyball team are coming to a finish in their season; getting second in their league and participating in regionals on November 22. The Cudworth senior girls volleyball team attended conferences on November 8 and finished in fourth place which was also their placing in the league. Cudworth junior girls volleyball team hosted pre-districts on October 30, where they placed fourth. We are all very proud of how the volleyball teams played this year and we look forward to seeing them play next year. We would like to thank the teachers and staff that coached the teams this year, it is greatly appreciated.

Nifty November
November is coming to an end and it was a busy month.  On October 31st many exciting events occurred.  First, it was Halloween and everyone in the school was dressed in very unique costumes!  Secondly, the SRC planned a Penny Carnival with tons of fun games and a spooky haunted house.  Thank you to all the staff and students that helped to make it a success.  Thirdly, Mrs. Miskolczi organized her annual book fair; it had a great turn-out raising $1818.50 and selling 166 books.  We’d like to thank her for putting it together.  The huskies of the month were Lucas Baumann (elementary), Ian Broatch (Middle Years), and Cole Yuzdepski (High School).  The employees of the month were Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Mellesmoen.  Congratulations to the winners!  Finally, on November 6th, Cudworth School had our Remembrance Day program, with students from Kindergarten – Grade 6 singing in the choir, a touching presentation and presented wreaths.  Mr. Dignean had a display of war weapons, uniforms, and other mementos.  Thank you Mr.Dignean for taking all the classes for a tour around his display.