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From: Monday, November 24, 2014 2:15 PM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
        November at Imperial school came, and was quickly followed by bitter cold weather and intense drama practices. During this month many things happened, especially Right off of the bat when on the seventh, the 9-12’s attended We Day at the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, while the K-8’s attended Imperial School’s Remembrance Day ceremony at Imperial School. In addition to that we will also be finishing off our Volleyball, and Drama practices this month.

        We Day Saskatchewan was held at the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon this year. The theme of this year’s We Day was “Roots for Change” which, like other years was extremely inspirational, and a very positive experience for anybody. For all of us who had attended the event in the previous year, We Day 2014 was again a huge success. I hope that Imperial continues to attend the event as it always proves to be a better time each year. I think that We Day was a perfect way to send students into the new month, because it is neigh impossible to leave that event without feeling super pumped and motivated.

        As for the Remembrance Day Celebration, although I was not able to attend given that I was at We Day, I hear it was exceptional. As usual the event featured a performance from the school 7/8 band but I hear it also featured an unexpected guest, our secretary, Mrs. Alanna Gosselin, who, in my stead, preformed “The Last Post” on the trumpet for the ceremony. The assembly also featured Remembrance Day poems read by the 1-2’s and the 3-4’s.

        Volleyball will be wrapping up this month, the senior girls’ team went to conferences, in Colonsay on the 8th, and although they played hard, they ended up losing out of the tournament to Leroy. And although their season is over, the girls recently won a game against Mrs. Rieger’s senior boys Volleyball team. The game was held to prepare the senior boys team for Regionals. The boys will head out for Anaheim on the 21st to compete for a shot at provincials.

        To finish off November, Dessert Theaters’ dress rehearsal will take place on the 29th as a final preparation for the student’s performances during the next month, with so much to look forward to in the new month, I think that December in Imperial School will prove to be a blast as always, (given that the weather allows it) and I am looking forward to it.

Ben Lewis
Imperial School Reporter


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