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From: Monday, November 24, 2014 2:08 PM -0600
Subject:LCHS Junior Girls Volleyball

The junior girls Lazer volleyball team consisted of 7 amazing players: Chelsey Craven, Lindy Brookbank, Kirstin Sherban, Katelyn Blair, Taylor Kardash, Amy Fedak and Rochelle Helstrom. Each one of these girls had their place on the court and knew what their job was to win.

The junior Lazer volleyball team attended three tournaments: Quill Lake (finished in second place); Foam Lake (finished in third place) and Lanigan (finished in third place).

The girls attended Pre-districts in Watrous the day before Halloween so October 30th and were undefeated! Their competition was Watrous, Imperial, Holdfast, and Strasburg. Way to go girls! Districts were held in Foam Lake on November 4th.  The girls played inconsistent, having very close and exciting games.  Unfortunately, they did not play their best and finished 4th. Competition consisted of Foam Lake, Wynyard and Muenster.

The coaches were Lindi Stroeder, Barb Klapak and Shaya Suchy.

Brandi Senko-Loose
School Reporter