Ken Sogge
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From: Monday, November 24, 2014 2:07 PM -0600
Subject:Ituna School News
It's hard to believe that November is almost over, with all the activities that Ituna School has been doing. The month started off with the wrap of of the QRP magazine campaign, which was extremely successful. The students from grade 3-12 sold a total of 334 magazines. The football team finished off their season in Carrot River at the beginning of the month. The Sr. Girls volleyball team finished their season in Southey the following weekend. Students and teachers from the school also attended We Day Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, some were participants, and some volunteered. Before the we day event, the school participated in Free The Children’s campaign called ‘we scare hunger’. The school has also started ‘hats off to Haiti’, on Tuesdays, if students give a toonie to their teacher in the morning, they are allowed to wear a hat in all their classes for the day. The money that is raised from this throughout the year is going to be donated to the school in Haiti that we have been supporting since the Haiti earthquake in 2010.