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From: Monday, November 24, 2014 2:04 PM -0600
Subject:The Big Win of the Season
        When we think of football games we think of sunshine, hamburgers and wooden bleachers. Well, for Winston the provincial game is more related with things like snow, cold, blankets, hot chocolate and frosty playing grounds. On Saturday, November 15th Winston Wildcats prepared to play their final game of the season, the Provincial game.
The boys played an exceptional game, despite Mother Nature’s fury. Even though the cold might have caused the fans to cuddle up with sleeping bags and multitudes of blankets it was still a blast! The boys played their provincial final game against Hudson Bay Riders. While hot chocolate and coffee was being served to the Popsicle fans in the stands Winston Wildcats played what was an exciting and well performed game. They held their own and played with team spirit and confidence. As the game kept on and the hot chocolate and coffee became the catch of the day the boys never faltered and came out with a glorious win ending with a score of 44-8. This makes it their third win in a row, another plaque to hang up in the school. There is no denying this teams talent. The game says it all!
Like always it was a cold, exciting and great game for the Wildcat senior’s boy’s football team. They did a marvelous job, like always, and made their school proud. Also a big shout-out to the senior volleyball girls who played a tournament in Moose Jaw, they placed second and are moving onto Provincials. Good luck ladies and congratulations boys!
Sarah Davidson
School Reporter
Winston High School