Ken Sogge
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From: Friday, November 14, 2014 3:54 PM -0600
Subject:Three Lakes School Reports
Three Lakes School was busy again in the beginning of our second month at school! During education week there were multiple activities planned for the entire school to participate in. After our day off on Monday we were welcomed back to school on Tuesday with a hearty breakfast! The SRC members sold over 80 plates of freshly cooked eggs, toast and ham! Following this, the older students combined with the younger students and took 15 minutes to read with each other. It was a great time and a fantastic way to kick off Education week! On Wednesday we played BINGO (together as an entire school) over the intercom system and on Thursday every class had a Spelling Bee competition! Also on Thursday, we had a pep rally in the gym for our Senior Boys and Senior Girls Soccer teams who are both moving on to the Provincial Championships! The pep rally was a lot of fun for all of the students and definitely got the athletes pumped up for the weekend!  
Morgan Heidecker

The soccer season at Three Lakes School is now over for the Senior teams and ended well! The Boys made it to the Gold Medal game but lost to Osler. They played so hard and had a great season and brought home silver medals!  Great job boys! The Senior girls team also made it to the Gold medal game against Lake Lenore and won the battle, bringing home the Gold for the 5th consecutive year! The hard work and dedication really pays off. Way to work girls! Not long after soccer was wrapped up Halloween was among us. We had a Spirit week October 27th with “Blast from the Past” where we relived the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s styles. Tuesday was “Natural Beauty” where boys came to school without doing their hair and girls without their hair or makeup done! Wednesday everyone dressed up at what their “Future Career” might be and Thursday was “Injury Day” where we rocked bandages, fake blood, band-aids and crutches! Spirit week ended on Friday the 31st with Halloween and a pep rally parade in the gym to show off all of our costumes! It was the best way to end the month of October and the second month into school!
Morgan Heidecker