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From: Thursday, October 30, 2014 9:28 AM -0600
Subject:Education Week Hits Winston
        School is already full into its year. Unit tests are being handed out and finals aren’t too far behind. What better way to take time to enjoy and appreciate the amazing education advantages Winston High provides then celebrating it with the annual Education Week? Nothing, that’s what.
        Starting October 21st after a long weekend the students of Winston were welcomed with the beginning of the Positive Post it wave that hit the school. MHAC provided every locker and almost every inch of the school with positive post it notes that brightened up the beginning of the week. To dig into the positivity even more speaker Rachel Clare came to the school to talk about Resilience and ways to become a resilient person. Her presentation was uplifting and infectious- it really opened the student’s eyes. On Wednesday, despite the rain and dreary weather the SRC put on the favorite seniors tea. Grandparents and lodge residents and local seniors of the community came out to enjoy Bakery cookies, coffee and tea as well as good student company. Like always the tea was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Also on Wednesday the grade 10-12 students were presented with an Author reading by Yvonne Yourkowski. Thursday the EMS came out to the school to present the students of Winston who are licensed, have their learner’s license or are taking Drivers Ed with a presentation on how to escape a vehicle when crashed into water. After their presentation they generously handed out free Rescue Me key chains that can help save lives in desperate situations such as the scenarios they presented that afternoon. Also the grade 8-9 students were treated with an author reading as well. Finally on Friday the senior girls’ volleyball team had a loud and hilarious pep rally that included an entertaining Rookie Initiation. The new recruits to the team amused the school with a game of blind folded musical chairs.
        Education Week is important for Winston, it gives the students and staff a chance to really take the time to appreciate all the wonderful educational opportunities we have been given. A great big thanks goes out to the staff at Winston, the SRC, MHAC and of course the students as well. Winston is a great school, but it would not be as great without all the people who help make it so.
        Sarah Davidson
        School Reporter
        Winston High School