Ken Sogge
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From: Thursday, October 30, 2014 9:10 AM -0600
Subject:Education Week Activities at L.E.S.
The Education Week Committee at Lanigan Elementary School deserves a huge thank you for the amazing week they organized from October 21-24. Teacher Swap kicked off the week - all teachers were assigned to read stories to another classroom. I wonder if anyone felt out of his/her comfort zone? Kakwa was next - the husband and wife team of Jeff and Kathleen Coleclough had several displays and demonstrations on such topics as traditional First Nations toys and games, painting with earth pigments and looking at artifacts. Another activity was Buddy Reading. Older students read with younger students and completed book reviews, too. The week concluded with presentations by the Tornado Hunter, Ricky Forbes. With a combination of photographs, video clips, discussion and his modified truck, “The Flash”, he proved to be a hit with everyone!