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From: Thursday, October 23, 2014 1:50 PM -0600
Subject:Imperial School News
The first month of school zoomed by Imperial School and sent us straight into October.  October has been quite eventful so far, and promises to bring more excitement as Halloween draws closer! So far we’ve seen the Grade 11/12 trip to Wadena for the Rachel’s Challenge presentation, the beginning of drama, and soon the 5/6’s annual Popcorn & Pumpkin sale.      

On October 9th, the grade 11/12’s set out for Wadena’s hosting of a Rachel’s Challenge presentation. The presentation, I believe, spoke to most, if not all of its audience and certainly brought about some thoughts and ideas regarding anti-bullying that resonated with our students much more so than other solutions. Along with teaching us about the terrible events at Columbine High School and the extraordinary student Rachel Scott, the presentation included a second phase called “FOR Club” training. In FOR Club training, we addressed some issues that were in our schools, but mostly we discussed how to solve said issues. The FOR Club preaches the idea of pro-kindness rather than anti-bullying, which really hit home for the students. As a result of the presentation the grade 11/12’s took their new knowledge, split into groups, and gave mini presentations to every grade that couldn’t attend. The mini presentations included fun games like circle claps, as well as cool activities like having the older kids write kind letters to the younger kids. We have also decided to start a school-wide “chain-reaction” of kindness that will be represented by a paper chain of random acts of kindness like the ones we learned about in the presentation

In the High School end, Desert Theater is coming up in a couple of months which means that teachers Carol Baade and Diane Busche are hard at work preparing the students for our performance of The Sound of Music this December. Participation from the younger grades is looking promising, so promising in fact that our coaches have taken up the challenge of adding an 8th Von Trapp child to the story! Although the practices are not expected to be held at the community centre until November, we are still working hard at our after school practices in the school. Our coaches are juggling the challenges of vocal training, line memorizing, and teaching the Landler to a clumsy student who can’t dance (me). Although the two are working us hard it is easy to see that they were well missed. I think everybody appreciates the experienced coaching of Diane and Carol after last year’s performance of Alice in Wonderland. Not that it was too terrible, but Missoula children’s theater just couldn’t compete with our two amazing teachers.

And in the future we can see the younger students enjoying Education Week, which I hear will include teepee building, an author reading with Alison Lohans, and a used book sale! Also this month we have a free hot-dog lunch, a Rider Day, and a Pep-rally to acknowledge our flag football, junior & senior volleyball, golf, and cross country teams as well as our students involved in Wildcat football. And we can’t forget October’s iconic school-wide costume contest that’s coming up with as the month draws to a close. With so many events planned October is destined to breeze by at least as quickly as September, and it doesn’t plan on slowing down until Christmas break!

Ben Lewis
Imperial School reporter