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From: Friday, October 17, 2014 2:13 PM -0600
Subject:Wynyard Elementary School News
Wow the first month of school has gone by fast.  I cannot believe it.  I hope your child had a big smile for picture day.  It was so nice to see everyone dressed up.  Picture retake day will be on October 27.  
I think everyone enjoyed the video that the town put on the big screen at the end of Main Street during our Terry Fox walk.  I think both the elementary school and the high school liked it.  A big thank you to everyone who wore orange for our little friend Clara Issel. Also, thank you to those who wore red and white for the Terry Fox Walk.  We appreciate it.   We raised $2672.46.  A big thanks to everyone who made a donation and for all of your support.  It means a lot.  

Fire Safety week was the second week of October.  Classes paired up to go and visit the Fire Hall.  Students learned about what each fire truck does, what is in the fire trucks, how to respond to fires and who the fireman are.  Sparky made an appearance and made kids smile.  Thank you to the Wynyard Fire Department for your time and letting us visit.
Do not forget about our Open House on October 23.  I hope you are excited to see your child’s classroom and how they are growing so far this year.  Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on November 19 and 20.  Watch for a note to come home.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends and other people within the community.  This year I am thankful for my family at WES.
The SCC did a fabulous job of putting on the Pasta Supper.  Thank you to everyone involved with the set-up, cooking, serving, cleaning and all other helpers.  We loved all of the desserts which were donated.
Another fun holiday coming up is Halloween.  I hope everyone has fun Trick or Treating but please remember that we do not allow candy in our school.  After lunch we will be going to the food bank to drop off our donations.  It will be fun to see everyone’s costumes.  

I trust that everyone had a good first month of school.  Looking forward to the next month and activities!

Faith Prime
School Reporter
Wynyard Elementary School