Ken Sogge
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From: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 1:00 PM -0600
Subject:Horizon Football Teams Tackle Hunger
On October 9th, the Wynyard Bears and the Watrous Wildcats faced each other on the football field. Before the game, the two teams worked together to Tackle Hunger. The teams and their schools collected donations for the local food bank. The community also made donations at the gate. In total, 652 pounds of food and $275 were collected for the local food bank. Although there could only be one winner on the field, the overall winner was our local food bank. Congratulations to both schools and the community on the success of the food drive!
Team captains from the Watrous Wildcats present the donations they collected for “Tackle Hunger” before they take to the field.

The Wynyard Bears captains make the official “Tackle Hunger” presentation to Wynyard and District Food Bank representative, Mrs. Staszczak.