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From: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 3:38 PM -0600
Subject:Terry Fox Run at FLES
On Sept.24, the Foam Lake Elementary School had a very successful Terry Fox Run and raised $3134.  All of this money that we earned goes to the Terry Fox Foundation to support the research and to find a cure for cancer.  All of our staff and students participated in this run.  We ran on a hot day, but everyone pushed through the weather for this special charity.  
Our run started with the cross country participants who took the lead.  Escorting them was Constable Goosen.  He led all of the students not participating in cross country.  After we completed the run, we had a sundae sale hosted by the grade 5’s.  It was a great way to raise money and awareness for this great charity.   
Jacey Henrikson
School Reporter