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From: Monday, October 6, 2014 5:33 PM -0600
Subject:Schell School’s October Scoop!
The first “AWESOME” month at schell has gone by! We participated in a lot of events but our biggest was the Terry Fox Run! We all enjoyed the run, and were very grateful to have such beautiful weather to run in. A big thanks to Conexus Credit Union in Holdfast for donating the freezies for us to enjoy after the hot run! Our school has managed to raise $ 23,543.93 for the Terry Fox Cancer Research Project. What a great job to everyone that donated and came to join un in the run.

Trevor, Leah and I participated in the School Student Leadership Conference! It was an amazing experience and we hope to share with our school the great ideas we came back with! We hope to participate at SSLC again next year for Schellbrook’s “The Fire is Catching” theme. All of the events Nipawin planned really pulled you out of your schell and got you to participate with one another! We met really inspirational speakers that touched the hearts of all of us as well of meeting new students from other schools! I really want to encourage everyone at Schell to try their hardest participating in the school spirit days and extracurricular activities so they can go to SSLC and have an amazing time as well!

In other news, Picture day at Schell will be on October 6th, so everyone dress nice and smile big! Thanksgiving is on October 13th, so there will be no school. Everyone have a safe and thankful holiday with your families. On September 30th we held our first LEGO day! Each student built the first letter of their name, and we had a relay race with all staff and students participating.
In Sports news, The Jr. Girls volleyball team plays host to Watrous on October 2nd and Strasbourg on October 9th. Good luck to the girls as they continue improving their skills! The Sr. Girls volleyball team will be co-hosting a tournament with Imperial, on October 17-18. Hope to see everyone out to cheer on the girls! On September 26th six runners competed in cross country! Congratulations to everyone that ran on that hot day and a big cheer to Wynter who finished in 9th place!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time at Schell because we have many more “AWESOME” months to come!

Ranita Luzny
School Reporter
Schell School