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From: Thursday, October 2, 2014 3:39 PM -0600
Subject:WDS Golf Provincial Gold Team Medal
William Derby School is pleased to have a repeat performance of last year's  Sand Green Golf Provincial Gold Team Medal.
On the weekend of September 25, the team of Kaleigh Sorensen of Bulyea, Carly Erhardt of Duval, Josh Gottselig, Keaton Kelln, Donavon Thompson and Bryce Hubick of Strasbourg travelled to Radville. The team is coached by Mr. Gerard Frison.
The athletes all competed in the individual competition, with their combined scores counting for the team.
The competition ended with  top 4 places in the male individual competition held by WDS students.  Josh placed 4th in the individual competition, 3 strokes out of third.  Keaton won the bronze medal, Donavon and Bryce were tied after 36 holes and had to do a playoff hole with Donavon winning a silver medal and Bryce winning the gold medal. Bryce dominated his competitors by a combined 100 strokes.  
In the female individual category Carly placed 7th and Kaleigh placed 4th, just 6 strokes out of third place.
The combined individual scores ensured that the team from William Derby received the Provincial Sand Green Gold Medal.  Mr. Frison reported that the athletes from WDS displayed great sportsmanship and dedication to the concept of a team.

Provincial Sand Green Team Gold Medalists:
Donavon Thompson, Carly Erhardt, Bryce Hubick, Keaton Kelln, Kaleigh Sorensen, Josh Gottselig and Coach Mr. Frison

Bryce Hubick - Gold Medalist, Keaton Kelln -  Bronze Medalist, Donavon Thompson - Silver Medalist