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From: Friday, September 26, 2014 1:13 PM -0600
Subject:Imperial School September Report
Well, it finally happened, we made it to grade 12. And while it’s good to be so close to the end, I can tell that my friends and I are going to miss this place. The year kicked off with a slow start in an effort to prepare the class for the fast-paced lifestyle of grade 11/12, I’m glad to report that so far, it’s working. A highlight of the first month of school would be the biology class’s trip to Ms. Cantelon’s farm. Our expedition was charted to the slough located just off of the road leading to the farm. Our mission: Help the biologist team remove the invasive plant species known as “Flowering Rush”. The slough we were working in happens to be the only documented location in Saskatchewan where flowering rush exists. Equipped with rubber boots and an assortment of shovels and pitch-forks, we began to dig out this pesky plant. The class was split into groups, and the flowering rush was plucked and bagged the, with a few boot-fulls along the way. After our work was done, Chet, our biologist friend, gave us a spiel about how flowering rush came to be here and why it is so tricky to remove.  Armed with our new knowledge of invasive species and what it means to be a biologist (and some goodies from pips) the class was ready and set to take on Biology 20.

Ben Lewis
School reporter